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Parish Meeting Recap

Annual Meeting Recap – January 26, 2014

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Our Annual Meeting was different from previous Annual Meetings in that we had substantial conversation in smaller groups about the (encouraging!) future of CotC. If you missed the meeting, or if you’d like a review of what we covered, here is a brief recap:

  1. Intro
    • Chris opened the meeting in prayer at 6.30.
    • Chris stated the hope of the meeting was to help everyone present feel a greater sense of ownership for this community and our mission.
  2. CotC: Past, Present, Future
    • Mark addressed three questions: 1) What is CotC? 2) Where are we now? and 3) Where are we going?
    • In addressing the question, “Where are we going?” we divided into 8 groups (facilitated by PC members and our Pastoral Interns) and for the next 35 minutes we discussed 6 questions about our future – relating to strengths, weakness, long-term goals, and strategies to move toward those goals.
    • Facilitators took notes and the Parish Council will be prayerfully reflecting on these conversations in the months to come.
  3. Affiliation, Governance, and Financial Matters
    • PEARUSA update – Mark gave a brief update on our home in Rwanda and our connection to ACNA as well.
    • By-laws reminder – Chris mentioned our by-laws which help us function in a healthy and accountable way. Copies are available upon request.
    • Carolyn gave us a financial update and 2014 Budget overview.
  4. Looking Ahead
    • Mark mentioned some upcoming events in the church:
      • Lent begins on Ash Wed, Mar 5 – 6pm service
      • Easter Vigil, Sat., Apr 19, 8.30-11.30pm
      • Community Easter feasts for 9 consecutive days beginning Apr 19
      • Open Table Initiative – to be introduced next Sunday, Feb 2
      • Essentials Course – Feb 28-Mar 1
      • Catechesis on Engaging Others – Sundays, Feb 9, Feb 23, 7-8.15pm
      • Two ministries of the whole community – get involved!
    • Libby led us through a brief overview of ministry teams at CotC – with photos of each team leader.
  5. Conclusion
    • Chris wrapped up the meeting and Tim closed us in prayer at 7.35.
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Parish Meeting Recap – Sep 29, 2013

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We gathered after worship this past Sunday for a parish meeting. If you missed it, here is a brief overview of what we covered. Feel free to follow up with any Parish Council member or with me to learn more.

  1. Intro
    • Chris, our Rector’s Warden, opened us in prayer and shared that the purpose of the meeting is to cast vision for the year ahead and invite everyone to engage in what God is doing in and through CotC.
  2. Looking ahead at the year 
    • I talked about the hope for building out structures this year, bringing further focus and clarity to the great things God has been doing among us over the past several years.
    • I noted our retreat theme, “One Body, Many Members; One Spirit, Many Gifts – 1 Corinthians 12.” Our calling is to be a place where your gifts and passions are encouraged and developed for the maturity of the body and the mission of God.
    • I also emphasized our calling to engage with non-Christians and those on the margins.
  3. Ministries of the Whole
    • Sunday servingCaroline talked about our Sunday serving ministry – different ways of being involved in the liturgy at CotC. Fill out the online survey to let us know how you’d like to serve.
    • Hospitality: Carolyn, standing in for Hannah, talked about hospitality ministry of Sunday dinners. To start contributing to this ministry (and we hope everyone can! – no more than 1/mth), please fill out the online survey.
  4. Ministry Teams
    • Parish Council: Chris talked briefly about the work of the council and its focus on vision this year.
    • SWC (Seeking the Welfare of the City): Bianca, filling in for Ellen, gave a brief update on our ministry to Boston.
    • GMT (Global Missions Team): Sarah shared this teams desire for helping us to seek the welfare of cities and countries around the globe.
    • MusicRyan cast a vision for our worship to be in spirit and in truth and, therefore, full of freedom. He also noted the need for additional guitar players.
    • Children’s MinistryAmy thanked everyone for loving the children of our community and encourage people who love kids to serve in this ministry.
    • Ministry to YouthMandy introduced the new kids club for girls ages 9-10 (from 3-4pm on Sunday) that is led by Kayla, Abby, and Hannah.
    • Communication: We heard from Libby, our Peoples’ Warden, about the CotC blog, the CotC Google group, and the CotC google calendar. Stay connected!
    • Welcome TeamPete reminded us all that welcoming is a ministry of the whole(!) and then talked about the new welcome team that is focused to reaching out to newcomers in a focused way.
    • Newcomers’ DinnerBeckie and Amy talked about our ministry of hospitality through these dinners and invited everyone to participate at least once this year.
    • Hospitality Challenge: Not to be confused with our hospitality ministry, Carolyn gave us a new challenge to have someone into our home once a month that we wouldn’t normally have over – to make a stranger into a friend through welcome. NGs will be encouraging each other in this.
    • Prayer MinistryDavid exhorted us to pray and briefly discussed the different ways we do that: communion prayer ministry, prayers of the people, NGs, monthly prayer gatherings.
    • Arts MinistryMicah gave a call to all artists to join her at an exploratory gathering on Fri, Nov 1 (location TBD) and reiterated our community’s desire to engage the arts and encourage artists.
  5. Additional Updates
    • Finances: Carolyn gave us a brief financial update.
    • Facility Search: I gave a brief update on our search for Sunday AM worship space, a strategic consideration related to our hope to see our congregation diversify so that we can have a broader ministry at CotC – we have so much to give and to receive from different generations! Ongoing conversation and discussion is encouraged.
    • Other: I also noted the following things:
      • Easter weekend dates – Apr 18-20 – join us for this celebration.
      • Men’s ministry dates: Thurs, Oct 24, Nov 21
      • Sit toward front on Sunday to help us make space for newcomers
  6. Conclusion
    • Tim closed the meeting in prayer.
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Parish Meeting Recap – May 19, 2013

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We gathered after worship this past Sunday for a parish meeting. If you missed it, here is a brief overview of what we covered. Feel free to follow up with any Parish Council member or with Mark to learn more.

  1. Intro
    • Chris called the meeting to order and Fred opened us in prayer
    • Chris stated the purpose of the meeting to look back and give thanks and to talk about summer rhythms.
  2. Looking back: Parish Year in Review
    • We passed out the parish year in review which helps us to give thanks for all that God has done.
  3. Looking forward: Summer Rhythms
    • TIm passed out the Summer 2013 calendar.
    • Mark talked about transitions and the importance of saying goodbye and hello well throughout the summer
    • Chris announced that the Bookers will be taking the month of July off for a period of extended rest. Sam will be preaching leading our services in July – doing a four-week series on the book of James.
    • Carolyn noted that our hospitality would scale back to snacks (and any food any of us want to bring each week!) for the summer. This starts next Sunday, May 26. Natasha is coordinating summer hospitality.
  4. Staff Transitions
    • Mark announced that Matt and Shannon Sigler and Carson and Mo Weitnauer are moving away from Boston this summer.
    • We heard briefly from Matt and from Carson. The Siglers are moving to Kansas in late July and Carson and Mo are moving back to Atlanta at some point this summer.
    • The Parish Council and Mark are working together on plans for our music leader position and Telos Ministries. Please pray for wisdom and direction.
    • We will have a goodbye party for the Siglers after our service on Sunday, June 30.
  5. Facility Search
    • Chris announced that, after considering this for years, the Parish Council has initiated a search for Sunday morning worship space.
    • This decision to consider moving to Sunday morning is a strategy to enable long-term health in mission and discipleship.Chris invited everyone to pray, to join the conversation (we want to hear from you), and to help (with contacts, spaces, or by serving on the search team).
    • Mark and Chris led a Q&A on this topic.
  6. Conclusion
    • Tim closed the meeting in prayer.
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Annual Meeting Recap – Jan 27, 2013

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We gathered after worship this past Sunday for our Annual Meeting. If you missed it, here is a brief overview of what we covered. Feel free to follow up with any Parish Council member or with Mark to learn more.

  1. Intro
    • Chris called the meeting to order and Fred opened us in prayer
    • Chris stated the purpose of the meeting and issued an invitation to jump in to what God is doing in and through CotC this year.
  2. Looking back at 2012 and looking ahead to 2013
    • Giving thanks for God’s faithfulness in 2012
    • Looking ahead to 2013: putting Jesus at the center of our lives, our community, and our mission
      • Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb 13, 6pm.
      • Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 30, 8.30pm
  3. Affiliation, Governance, and Financial Issues
    • PEARUSA update – brief dicussion of the last year in the Anglican world and thanks for greater expressions of unity
    • By-laws reminder
    • Financial Update and 2013 Budget overview
  4. Ministry Team Updates
    • Music Ministy: Matt encouraged us to continue engaging in worship and talked about musical changes with Lent.
      • Matt also invited the creative among us to get in touch about participating in the Easter Vigil.
      • Libby encouraged us to sit toward the front to make space for newcomers (at least 8-10 per pew!)
      • Mark introduced our desire to create space for prayer and preparation 10 mins before the service begins and right as the service ends.
    • Sunday Serving: Caroline reminded us of the various ways that we can be involved and use our gifts in our Sunday liturgy.
    • Telos Ministries: Ryan thanked us for our support for Telos and reminded us to be welcoming to students
    • Communications: Libby reminded us about the google group, blog,
    • Seeking the Welfare of the City: working with SWC ambassadors in each NG
    • Prayer:  Bianca reminded us of the importance of prayer and of our monthly parish-wide gatherings for prayer .
    • Arts: Shannon further introduced the Play Project, our arts-in-worship experience for our Mar 9 retreat. See this Play Project Overview for more info.
    • Hospitality Ministry: Carolyn thanked us for serving faithfully and we all thanked Susan for leading so well last fall.
  5. Conclusion
    • Chris wrapped up the meeting and Tim closed us in prayer.
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Parish Meeting Recap – September 30, 2012

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At our first of three parish meetings for the 2012-2013 year we were encouraged to engage, first with Jesus and then with the work of ministry happening in, around, and through this community. Our two most basic but very important! ways to engage are Sunday Serving and Hospitality. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the surveys to let us know how you can be involved:

  • Sunday Serving Online Survey
  • Hospitality Online Survey

Here is a recap of the meeting:

Intro – 

Chris S opened the meeting in prayer and set the context. He mentioned that this meeting is focused on looking forward and giving clarity on how to engage. He reminded us of the two key verses that have shaped our community: Ps 127.1 and Matthew 5.8.

1. Where are we going? The 3 Pillars and Discipleship  – Mark

  • The 3 Pillars: we are hoping they shape our year: 1) engaging non-Christians, 2) engaging the city, and 3) prayer. We want to have a bias toward action in these areas. The first two pillars cannot be effective apart from the third. Only Jesus can motivate us to this way of life, so our hope as a community is to lead us to Jesus who (alone) can empower us, motivate us, and call us to a life of sacrificial love.
  • Discipleship: I also mentioned the encouragement for Triads at CotC this year. See Triads Overview at CotC. And I talked about the discipleship cohort (pilot group) that began in September. It lasts for 11 months and is geared toward building two skills important for lifelong discipleship: the skill of reading, understanding, and applying God’s word to our lives and the skill of understanding and articulating a gracious, humble, clear response to key issues in our world. The hope is that everyone who belongs to CotC will be a part of a cohort like this at some point.

2. Ministries of the Whole – Engagement 101

We handed out an overview of the various Ministries at CotC. While many of our ministries are more specific, there are two – alongside Neighborhood Groups – that we encourage everyone to be involved in:

  • Serving on Sundays: Caroline encouraged us to be engaged in our weekly worship services in one (or more) roles. This is a great way to use your gifts in worship. Fill out the Sunday Serving Online Survey.
  • Ministry of Hospitality: Susan reminded us of the importance of our Sunday dinners – to welcome newcomers and to deepen our relationships – and encouraged 100% participation. Fill our the Hospitality Online Survey.

3. Specific Ministry Team Updates

  • Parish Council – Chris announced that we have recently added Tim T to the council and noted our plans to work on the 2013 budget this fall. He also re-introduced Sam Abbott, a retired priest who is serving as an assisting clergyman at CotC.
  • Financial Update – Sarah stood in for Carolyn, our Treasurer, and gave us an overview of where we are financially. For questions contact Carolyn.
  • Seeking the Welfare of the City (SWC) – Libby told us about the SWC Ambassadors from each NG and their purpose in helping NGs get out into the city to serve. She also introduced the current SWC team (Libby, Ryan, Bianca, and Leah).
  • Telos Ministries – Carson thanked us for supporting Telos, and he encouraged us to invite students to fully participate in the life of our community, specifically by inviting them into our NGs. If you’re interested in mentoring students, contact Carson.
  • Music Ministry – Matt expressed appreciation for the many different gifts that are regularly expressed in our musical worship. He noted more opportunities for chamber music this year and also highlighted the get musical together this Friday, Oct 5.
  • Arts – Shannon encouraged us to see the arts as a means of discipleship, a way of engaging Jesus more fully. We have some communal arts experiences planned this year, and there will be a book club discussing For the Beauty of the Church this fall – contact Micah for more info.
  • Children’s Ministry – Amy told us of new developments in the Children’s Ministry for the fall. We’ve raised the bar in a good way, and our teachers/volunteers are excited for the year. More volunteers (esp. in nursery) are always welcome!
  • Communication – Libby, in her role as Peoples’ Warden on the Parish Council, encouraged us to subscribe to the blog for email updates. She also encouraged us to seek her, or other PC members, out to offer input and feedback on our community.
  • I thanked everyone for doing such a great job welcoming people over the last several weeks. I also encouraged everyone to sit toward the front and be sure to fill up individual pews so that we create space for newcomers.
  • Tim T closed us in prayer.


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Parish Meeting Recap – May 20, 2012

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We gathered after worship this past Sunday for an important meeting together. Be sure to pick up a copy of our annual review and our 2012 Summer calendar if you did not get one this past Sunday (we’ll have copies of both available this Sunday). If you missed the meeting, here is a review of what we covered:

  1. Looking back – giving thanks.
    • The Parish Council passed out a year-in-review that was written by many members of our community. The point of this, as Mark reminded us, is to stop and give thanks for all that God has done and is doing among us.
  2. Looking forward – Mark led us in a time of anticipating what is in front of us
    • A time for prayer – The Parish Council has been in this time of prayer for a month or more and we are inviting the entire community to join us in prayer. We’re having a prayer gathering about our future on Sunday, June 3, at 3pm. We are seeking the Lord for his direction and guidance for this next phase of our life together.
    • Engaging non-Christians. This is a huge part of why we’re here in the heart of Boston. We’ve already seen God use this community for engaging others, but we long to grow in this individually and corporately.
    • Engaging issues of justice / serving our city. This is another massive part of why we’re here. Join the SWC team brunch (these happen monthly) on Sunday, June 3, at 11am.
    • Thinking long-term: Mark talked about the need to look ahead with the long-term in view. There is a gathering next week for those at CotC who are in Boston for the long-term to brainstorm and pray together.
    • Transitions this summer: We will say goodbye to many people this summer and we want to be gracious about sending people out in prayer and with blessing. We also want to celebrate those whom God has called to stay in Boston and to continue to welcome the new faces that we will see join our community in the next 3-4 months. We hope to do all of these things well!
    • Libby encouraged everyone to seek out members of the Parish Council to voice their concerns/ideas. Everyone’s voice is important.
  3. Financial update – Carolyn led us in a discussion about our current financial situation which is generally encouraging. She also reminded us to continue to give and support our mission during the more scattered months of the summer.
  4. Summer rhythms – Chris introduced our Summer_2012_Calendar and talked about the hope we have for deepening relationships during the slower-paced summer.
    • Mark shared the vision for multiple regional gatherings of worship on Sunday, June 24, and Sunday, August 5. These will take the place of one primary gathering at Ruggles on those Sundays.
    • Jonathan reminded us of the privilege of serving in Sunday worship and encouraged new(er) people to step in to these roles during the summer.
    • Carolyn thanked Micah for leading our efforts this spring (thank you again!) and talked about our hospitality plans for the summer – snacks and drinks instead of full dinners and an ice cream party, BBQ, and potluck.
  5. Ministry updates
    • Fred talked about the work of the Parish Council on behalf of the parish.
    • Libby encouraged people to join the SWC brunches this summer.
    • Carson gave us an encouraging update on Telos Ministries and thanked Ryan Ruffing and April Seipp for a great year.
  6. Closing
    • We took a brief time for questions and then Jonathan closed us in prayer.


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