About Us

We are a community of people who follow Jesus as Lord. Our aim is to grow to maturity in him together. As we do that, we will come to know genuine life—finding rescue, forgiveness, welcome, wholeness, healing—and we will join Jesus in his ongoing mission to the world. That means that we aim to serve each other, our city, and our neighbors in a meaningful way.

At Church of the Cross, we encourage one another in joyous celebration and intentional obedience, both of which lead to deeper life. We seek to accomplish this by fostering a culture of gracious intentionality with the celebration of God’s amazing love in Christ at the center of our time together. This cultivates a spirit of welcome, joy, hope, gratitude, and celebration—all in response to God’s grace. At the same time, we are intentional about following Jesus, who calls us to take up our cross just like he did. For Jesus, that meant obeying God’s call at any cost, saying “not my will, but yours be done.” This is what we pursue together.

We welcome all, whether long-time churchgoers or those who are just beginning to investigate the person of Jesus.