CCO Collegiate Ministry


There are over 250,000 students who currently call Boston home. In partnership with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), Church of the Cross is seeking to grow a vibrant ministry to these young adults. We firmly believe that every college student in Boston needs to hear the Gospel, have a meaningful encounter with the Church, and grow in a kingdom oriented vision for their life and work.


Ryan and Libby Ruffing

Ryan and Libby have been members of the CotC community for over a decade. They have a deep love for our church and have served in various leadership roles. Ryan has been on our staff for the last 8 years, and in this season leads our ministry to students as the Director of Collegiate and Young Adult Ministry. Ryan has had the privilege to serve many students over the years, and experiences a deep sense of God's pleasure and calling as they find life and purpose in the way of Jesus.



The Coalition for Christian Outreach

The CCO is a para-church campus ministry organization that has reached students in partnership with the local church for nearly 50 years. With a vast wealth of experience and resources, the CCO will be a wonderful partner as we seek to serve students. Their approach to campus ministry emphasizes Jesus' lordship over all areas of life with the purpose of transforming college students to transform the world. Ryan will be serving as a CCO employee on the staff of CotC.

What it's about

We believe that God, in his wisdom, has designed us to grow in the context of the local church. Too often students move through their college years with little meaningful connection to church community. Over the years, our community has been a wonderful place for students, and we are so thankful. We desire to continue seeing students fully integrated in the age-diverse people of God, serving and being served. From an encounter with God and the body of Christ, our heart is that students would find purpose for their life and work in the knowledge that God has and is redeeming all things. 



We need your help!

The adventure of serving students in Boston includes you. We are currently seeking a large group of supporters who are called by God to give financially to support this ministry. We believe that God has initiated this work in our midst, and that he will also provide the means for its flourishing. Please prayerfully consider whether God might be inviting you to partner with us as we seek to serve students in Boston. If you would like to set up a one-time or recurring gift you can do so here