Church Planting Resident/Curate

It is with great joy and excitement that I have accepted a job with our church, Church of the Cross, as a Church Planting Resident/Curate (a.k.a. assistant pastor) for the next three years with the aim of planting a new church thereafter. Brittany and I would love your partnership in this work! Below is a brief update, specifics about my role, and how you can partner with us.

The Road Thus Far: Clarifying Our Calling

It’s been eight years since Brittany and I made the long, arduous drive from Texas to Boston. While we made that drive, with a mixture of tears and excitement, we had a vague understanding of our calling from God that Boston was the place for us to give ourselves long-term to ministry. While we didn’t know the specifics, nor what would ultimately take shape, God did and he has been faithful—giving us meaningful jobs, a master’s degree, community, and much more clarity regarding our calling. Want to hear more about our past five years? Learn more here.


Through our time in New England, and specifically through serving with Christian Union at Yale and Harvard, I’ve realized that God has uniquely equipped me to minister in a context that is deeply secular and post-Christian. Boston is a post-Christian city—it has a history of Christianity, but largely understands the gospel message as a failed one—and thus cast its gaze upon secularism as its foundation and hope. Such a context needs an intentional community that tangibly embodies the message that Jesus is the resurrected Lord over all creation, revealing the gospel message as one that hasn’t failed, but rather is alive and active in the mind, heart, and unity of its people. This is why the local church is immensely crucial, and it’s also why I’m thrilled to be entering into this new role with Church of the Cross.

My Role: Church Planting Resident/Curate  

The vision for this three-year role is centered around gospel ministry in a two-fold manner: deepening and expanding. 

Deepening Gospel Ministry in Church of the Cross
I will be further trained and equipped for ordained pastoral ministry. This will involve serving as a pastor on our staff which will include leading and preaching in our services, pastoral counseling, leadership development for our lay leaders, and community formation for the sake of mature discipleship and effective outreach to the wider city. 

Expanding Gospel Ministry through a Church Plant
I will also craft a vision and strategic plan to multiply the work of our church in the Boston area. This will involve, first and foremost, a great deal of prayer as we seek to follow Jesus where he leads and allow the Spirit to empower us. Moreover, I will gather a core team who is committed to the vision and plan of church planting, while strengthening and growing the group through various home and outreach gatherings. Our hope, beyond merely sustaining this new work, is to establish another growing outpost of the kingdom that would deepen and expand gospel ministry in years to come. 

Partnership: Our Diocese, Our Church, and Our Family and Friends

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The work of the gospel cannot be done alone. It’s a work of the people of God in partnership with the many gifts of the larger body of Christ. Brittany and I are extremely grateful that we have the blessing and strength of pastors, mentors, and friends to enter into this work with us. We could do it no other way. And we would absolutely love to have as many of our family and friends who span the country to partner with us! Ministry in a post-Christian secularized setting takes a considerable amount of time and consistency to develop a self-sustaining church, which is why we are asking you to consider partnering with us. 

For the next three years, my position will primarily be supported financially by the Diocese of Christ Our Hope (our larger grouping of churches) and by our church, Church of the Cross. I will raise the final portion of my funding. Specifically, I need to raise $20,000 per year for the next three years. The $20,000 raised per year will help to cover my salary with any excess held specifically for the expenses of the future church plant.

Will you partner with me financially in this work of deepening and expanding gospel ministry in the Boston area? 

Your gift can be a one-time or monthly contribution and is tax-deductible. Please be sure to select "Curacy Funding - Jon Yeager" from the drop-down menu.

Thank you for your generosity and partnership in the work of the gospel. I trust that God’s rich blessing will be mutual as we partner together and pray for God’s kingdom to come and his will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. 

Grace and peace, 
Jon Yeager

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These Past Five Years

For the past five years, I have worked for Christian Union—two years at Yale and three years at Harvard. I’ve absolutely loved working with college students. I’ve had the privilege of teaching the Bible to hundreds of students, discipling and training leaders, and dialoguing through difficult questions and life issues with Christians, agnostics, atheists, and everything in-between. These campuses are known for being incompatible with the Christian faith, but I’ve seen time and again that they can become places of great spiritual maturity—places where Christ transforms doubt into confident hope, longsuffering into deeper faith and courage. Jesus is far more present in the places we least think he would be, and his grace and mercy to remake us far greater than we could ever imagine them to be. 

Brittany, Ellie, and I have also been active members of Church of the Cross. Our church quickly became a home to us, giving us friendship, helping us mature in Christ, and calling us to use our gifts. Brittany has been serving in numerous ways: singing with the music team, coordinating our volunteers, editing, printing, and being an organizing extraordinaire. She’s exceptionally gifted where I’m undoubtedly lacking. I’ve been serving as a Neighborhood Group leader, catechist, greeter, and youth teacher. Most recently, I walked through the ordination process to become a deacon. Ellie, acting as assistant to the deacon, is always eager to help me set up the welcome table and church signs. She excels at being a delightful child who can spend early and late hours at church imaginatively recreating the sanctuary into her own jungle gym.

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