We value and support families, and we have a comprehensive, parent-driven vision for discipling children from birth to the end of high school. This vision prioritizes the two contexts of the church family and the nuclear family.

We have a full nursery and children's program during our worship service. We also have a youth ministry that meets twice a month before the Sunday service (from 9-10am). For more information, visit the Children and Youth page. We communicate regularly with our parents about what we are doing with children and youth and we provide guidance for how this can be reinforced in the home.

Parents and children are welcomed and integrated into our Neighborhood Groups that meet weekly. These groups seek to bring together people from a variety of life stages.

Children and youth are an important part of our annual parish retreat. We plan the day for them to enjoy each other and to engage with the Scriptures. 

We also have a moms' group that meets twice a month for support and prayer.