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Justice, Mercy, Reconciliation, and Outreach

We are committed to seeking the welfare of our city (Jeremiah 29:7) and to supporting those who are serving around the world. We are also committed to being a reconciled family who manifests and pursues the ministry of reconciliation at the heart of the gospel.

Our Justice and Mercy Team facilitates ways that our entire community serves our city in tangible ways. We have a focus on refugee ministry, and we partner with an organization that cares for victims of human trafficking. For more than seven years, we have provided a monthly dinner at a home for people who were formerly homeless. The main intent of this time is to build relationships. We financially support and pray for other partners in the city, and we work to support those in our congregation who are vocationally working for justice and mercy.

Our Racial Reconciliation Team helps our community pursue God’s vision for his people to be one, united family across all kinds of differences, including racial and ethnic differences. They help us to be honest about the ways the church has fallen short of this vision and about the racial injustice that remains an unfortunate feature in our society (and in the broader church). Their goal is to help our community reflect more and more the diversity of our city in a way that honors all cultures and ethnicities.

Our Outreach Team helps us share the good news about Jesus with others. We aim to do this humbly, as broken people who have encountered God’s transforming grace in Christ. This team oversees our summer and winter sessions, distinct gatherings where we discuss what the gospel has to say about various experiences or topics.

Our Global Missions Team facilitates our partnerships with those serving around the world. We financially support, learn from, and pray for people who are serving through prison ministry, theological teaching, refugee support, medical training, and other fields.