Friday: Psalms 64-66 & Ephesians 6.1-4

From Jason Hood

Psalm 64: God's justice will enable him to set the world back "right-side up." We can count on his justice and know that--if we are just (v. 10)--his righteousness will give us cause to rejoice.

Psalm 65: A beautiful poem for the forgiveness and salvation of God's people, who are brought back to his presence in order to be satisfied (65:4), and for the ordering of God's creation. There are perhaps few better times and places than fall in New England to remember God's awesome goodness displayed in his creation (v 9-13).

Psalm 66: As with the previous Psalm, the Psalter wants his audience to "dial-in" on God's goodness with an extended meditation on what he's done: he's saved them and earned their praise (1-7); refined them and brought them through that refining fire (8-12); and given them religious practices which can be used in response to all God's goodness (13-15). And as we go forward this God promises to listen, to be present (17-19), which truly gives us a reason to tell what he has done (16) and bless his name (20).

Ephesians 6.1-4: Paul puts the OT to use not only by applying an OT commandment to NT people but also by granting the possibility that God's people will bless themselves through their obedience. Honor is expected to manifest in obedience, and as we've seen, this applies not just to young children but to older children as well (albeit in a different fashion), and in another respect still (as Jewish tradition and many Christian catechisms have explained the commandment through the centuries) to the authority figures God has placed in our lives. Parents who've been given the right and responsibility of a child's deference should strive to guide and discipline in ways that produce the fruits of gracious boundary-making, not bitterness and anger.