Sunday: Psalm 119:49-56 and Deuteronomy 5:1-21

From Chris Dodds

Psalm 119.49-56: To what do we look for comfort in our times of distress? 

Comfort food? 

Retail therapy?

Alcohol or sex?

Contrary to the ways of the world, the Psalmist takes his comfort in the promise of God’s word. He calls on God to remember his words - words on which he has hoped (v40), which bring comfort in affliction (vv50, 52), and which give life (v50). Even amidst derision from those who reject the law, the Psalmist remembers God’s rules from of old (v52), and remembers his name in the night (v55). He does not turn away from the law (vv51, 55) because the blessing comes through keeping it (v56). Spurgeon writes, “God, having given grace to hope in the promise, would surely never disappoint that hope. He cannot have caused us to hope without cause. If we hope upon his word we have a sure basis.”  

Deuteronomy 5.1-21: Listen to today's sermon.