Saturday: Psalms 92-93 & 1 John 2.15-17

From Caroline Dixon

Psalm 92: The Psalmist is glad and sings for joy.  He gives thanks and praises the Lord.  The Psalmist has seen first-hand that the wicked perish and the righteous flourish.  He testifies that God has just now struck down his enemies; “my eyes have seen the downfall of my enemies.”  The righteous are blessed to understand that which “the stupid man cannot know” – that despite their appearance of victory at times, the evildoers will ultimately perish and be scattered.  The righteous are blessed to be cared for by God, like a fruit-bearing tree is secure and cared for. 

Psalm 93: The Lord is a majestic king, pictured as a robed king on a throne.  The earth beneath his feet is established and immovable.  But a flood comes, and the seemingly-stable earth is engulfed in a powerful, rushing water.  Will God’s throne be swept away?  Will his robes be soaked?  The waters are high and lifted up.  No, God is “mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the ways of the sea.”  The Lord is far above the fray; he is “on high.”  His rule and his laws remain, stable and powerful “forevermore.” 

1 John 2.15-17: When John tells us, “Do not love the world or the things in the world,” he is exhorting us to put our ultimate love in God alone.  Though we are to care for the world, to steward the world, to try to bring peace and justice to the world… there is a special kind of LOVE that John tells us to reserve for God alone.  God is worthy of a special kind of worshipful love; earthly things are not.  John gives one quick reason (of many true reasons) for God’s higher worth: the things of the world are passing away, but God and those who did his will are forever.