Friday: Psalms 117-118, 120 & Galatians 2.1-20

From Ryan Ruffing

Psalm 117:  This simple song of praise exhorts the nations to join in the chorus.  It brings us to the center of our praise – God’s steadfast love.

Psalm 118:  This psalm of praise is straightforward in proclaiming God’s goodness and favor for his people.  The Lord has rescued the psalmist from distress (vs. 5-7), while also disciplining him for his good and growth (vs. 18).  In the New Testament this psalm is transposed to a messianic key.  Jesus is the “the stone that the builders rejected,” and he “has become the cornerstone” (vs. 22-23 quoted in Acts 4:11). 

Psalm 120:  Though the psalmist desires peace, his words are twisted for war (vs. 7).  He bemoans the deceitful nature of the tongue (vs. 3).  While the political situation may be foreign to our contemporary context, being misunderstood and having our words taken out of context is still common.  The psalmist turns to the Lord in his time of distress (vs. 1)

Galatians 2.1-20: Here we see an amazing testimony to an event of community discernment.  Paul in humility goes to the Christians in Jerusalem and places himself under their authority, “in order to make sure I was not running or had not run in vain” (vs. 3).  The spirit of this desire is certainly to be emulated – Paul is confident in his message, but he is not above hearing from others who have been commissioned by Christ.