Sunday: Psalm 119.145-160 & Deuteronomy 13.1-5, 18.9-22

From Ryan Ruffing

Psalm 119.145-160: In this section of Psalm 119 we get a sense of the heart the psalmist has to follow God’s ways.  We may tend to think of the life of obedience in overly ‘sterile’ terms, imagining it to be the way of those who ‘have it all together.’ On the contrary this section of the psalm shows us the depth of longing and the cry for help that marks the life of obedience.  The psalmist goes to great lengths in order to follow God’s way, rising early to meditate on God’s promises.  But, it is clear that it is not through his own strength, but the Lord’s, that he prospers in obedience.  He requires the Lord to deliver him (vs. 153), and to redeem him (vs. 154). 

Deuteronomy 13.1-5, 18.9-22:  Listen to today’s sermon.