Wednesday: Psalm 145 & Isaiah 11.1-10

From Mark Booker

Psalm 145: The nature of God - 'slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love' (v8), hearkening back to Exodus 34.6 - and his actions in the world, his works of both creation and redemption, fuel true praise (v5, v21). He is a great king (v11, v13) who is 'gracious and merciful' (v8) and 'good to all' (v9). He 'upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down' (v14). He satisfied 'the desire of every living thing' (v16). He is 'righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works' (v17). He is 'near' (v18) and 'fulfills the desire of those who fear him' (v19). As a part of Thanksgiving tomorrow, can we spend time dwelling upon the goodness of God as the psalmist does? These reflections fuel and ground the life of faith which is, at the same time, a life of praise. 

Isaiah 11.1-10: Israel was still looking for a king who fully lived under the word of God (see Deuteronomy 17.18-20) in the fear of the Lord. Isaiah prophecies of a time when one from Jesse's lineage would take up the throne, indwelled by the Spirit (v2) and delighting in the fear of the Lord (v3). He would be the true king, and his righteous judgment would bring about the renewal of creation and peace (vv6-9). And his reign would extend beyond Israel for the nations shall inquire of him (v10). His name is Jesus.