Saturday: Psalm 150 & Revelation 5.1-14

From Mark Booker

Psalm 150: The end of the psalter (and the end of our journey through the Psalms together this fall) is praise. The last verse, v6, exhorts everything that has breath to praise the Lord. This psalm, as all of Psalms 146-150, begins and ends with "Hallelujah" which gets translated "Praise the LORD" or "Praise Yahweh!" This means to brag about him, to boast about him, to make his name great, to lift him up above all rivals. And why do we do that? Because of his mighty deeds and excellent greatness (v2). It's who God is and what he has done that both ignite our celebration of God (put your dancing shoes on! v4) and demonstrate that there is no one like him.

Remember the beginning of this journey. Psalm 1 tells us to delight in his law/instruction and Psalm 2 tells us that the one who takes refuge in him is truly happy or blessed. Psalm 150 calls us to join the universal praise and adoration of this one whose instruction is life-giving and whose love is the only sure refuge. Amen!

Revelation 5.1-14: The everything-that-has-breath praise of Yahweh in Psalm 150 is found in the heavenly throne room in Revelation 4. Then, in this chapter, that praise is directed at the Lion of Judah (v5), the lamb that stands "as though it had been slain" (v6). Jesus is included in the divine identity, and he receives that same worship that was given to Yahweh alone. For by his blood he ransomed a people for God, from every tribe and language and people and nation (v9). "The elders fell down and worshiped" (v14). Will we?