Advent 2: Psalm 1, 2 & Luke 21:25-36

From Mark Lamborn

This is a broken world, a world heavy with the weight of evil and our own failings. Ours is a world weary with despondency and desperate to save itself and yet apathetic in the face of evil.

This present darkness.

To rely on a Savior is an anathema in our modern society where the only enemy is our own weakness and where our imperfections can be overcome with enough knowledge and work. To say that we are in a battle against evil sounds strange to our present age that strives solely for perfectibility and self-actualization.

But we cannot defeat the evils of this world by our strength, and we cannot save ourselves. We cannot defeat the enemy, and we cannot perfect ourselves. 

We need God.

As I reflect on the tragedies of recent weeks I can take hope again, because I know that in our weakness Christ is strong. I know that even as nation rises against nation, and even as the earth shakes and the world groans with anguish, we can stand firm in the refuge of Christ our savior.

I am no messiah; I will not save this world or myself. Only Christ can; only Christ has. That job is finished.

And so we can stand firm, and we can raise our faces toward the future. Because we know that when the nations are in distress and when the world is faint with terror, our redemption is near. We know that when we are apprehensive of the future, our redemption is near. We know that when we are persecuted and weak and tired and shaken, our redemption is near, because Christ will come again. We can rest in the promise of the Lord.

When will our Savior come again, to renew this broken world? We are not told when Christ will come, but only that He will come again.

So Lord, help us to stand up and lift our heads as we wait for your Kingdom. In this present darkness, we wait with expectation for the day of your coming.

I am a native of Colorado, now studying law in Boston.  In those rare moments I am away from my law books, I find myself for some reason reading other books.