Advent 4: Psalm 6, 7 & Romans 13:8-14

From Jon Yeager

As I enter my thirties, I have a new appreciation for the depth of meaning and purpose in this life. This appreciation, however, was born out of the weariness that time brings: the more time spent in this life, the more tired I have become. And this weathered-by-life tiredness is a weariness forged by the broken reality of the world; no quick-fix vacation can remove this reality.

In a way, Psalms 6 and 7 seem to connect my experience of growth in this weathered world to the particular situation of the people of God. While I’m just beginning to see it, the people of God have lived with it for many ages. The Psalmist is languishing. He is so weary that his bones are troubled and his eyes are wasted away from all the crying his grief has caused. The world is not the way it’s supposed to be, so he turns to the one who can arise and put things right.

Much like the previous psalms point me to a greater reality, Paul’s exhortation in Romans 13 provides good reason not to let my ongoing tiredness take over. It is time to stay awake, not to fall asleep. It is time to be keenly aware of the brokenness of the world, not to escape it. And the reason he gives us is profound: salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. Our Lord has come, and will come again to set things right and renew the world.

Even in my tiredness, I have all the more reason to fulfill the law by extending myself in love towards others. More time will bring more weariness, but our full redemption is drawing ever closer. It’s a joy to grow older with the church as we struggle to anticipate our salvation together.

I, my wife Brittany, and daughter Ellie live in Arlington. I work for a Christian leadership organization called Christian Union on Harvard’s campus.