Christmas: Psalm 97, 98 & John 1.1-18

From Andrea Huber

I’ve been thinking about unity - mainly because I am newly married. One of the most shocking things about being married is literally the constant presence of your other half. My husband is more often with me than not. Our lives are one in the most intimate way. He sees me in all my states of being - when I’m complaining, when I’m goofy, when I’m anxious. Pretty much no one has seen me so up close since, well, since my mom. We have a witness and authority in each others lives that is alarmingly close. 

Our Christmas readings remind me that we have a God who is as intimate as family. He was born through one of our own, a sinner, and “dwelt among us”. He is bone of our bones and flesh of our flesh. This isn’t just poetic language, but a historical fact. Jesus lived and breathed on Earth in a physical body. It’s as if God decided to take a walk in our shoes, to feel what it is like to grow up on Earth, to eat, drink, and breathe. He experienced all our states of being and in this we encounter a God with remarkable empathy for our human condition. 

An intimate God like Jesus is a God who is not holding back anything from his people. The psalmist proclaims, “The Lord has made known his salvation; he has revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations…All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.” Not only does He know us, but in Christ we can know God and His grace. Our God is not far off but as tangible as a human life.  

What a mystery this is! God confined to a man, in space and time. Yet, deeply touching as I look on our sins, the darkness in the world, the loss and suffering - and know that He is here in the trenches with us, making things right. Our strong and gentle Savior, a Father’s gift of life to a dying world. 

I live in Dorchester and work for two faith-based non-profits. These days I spend my time knitting, trying new recipes, and geeking out over the new Star Wars movie.