Advent 12: Psalm 24,26 & Isaiah 61

From Seth Van Liew

"Good news!" God says. "Awesome!" I respond. "But hold up. The first season of Dark Matter just got released on Netflix!" Later I try to remember what God was trying to tell me. He had good news. What was it again? Something about that guy Jimmy. No wait, Jesus. Yeah, that was it. 

Maybe that's not how I think, but it's often how I live. For me, the immediacy of the good news of Christ prophesied in Isaiah 61 can be easily lost. Even "Isaiah 61" sounds daunting. Are there even 61 chapters in Isaiah? Yikes. Surely this chapter should be recited by an old man with a large beard reading from a dusty tome. However, Advent is a good time of year to remember that the good news is right now.

What is the good news? It is not that Christ came to fix my life. It remains plenty broken. No, He came to fix me, to set me free. From what? From my own selfish desires and sins. I often have trouble distinguishing between my resume points (or little bio below) and the person I am "underneath." As Christians we are called to have an identity in Christ. In short, I should be all "underneath." Instead, I have chased many worldly accomplishments, and have been disappointed by all of them. And then I've chased them again. I don't have to chase God. He strengthens me, and gives me rest. I've never been disappointed with that.  

Even the first season of Dark Matter ended on a cliffhanger! What gives? There are no cliffhangers with God. Spoiler alert - He won. (More on that next March.) I can either choose to live my life in a perpetual cliffhanger, always wondering how or even if I will escape the latest calamity that threatens my worldly goals, or I can choose to enjoy the victory party. "Party" you say? Totally. Check it out in Isaiah 61:10-11. 

I'm a physicist from California, and can usually be found curing and smoking meats or enjoying a glassy ocean at dawn on my paddle board.