Tuesday: Psalms 3-5 & 2 Corinthians 1.18-22

From Mark Booker

Psalms 3-5: In many ways, Psalm 3 picks up the theme from Psalm 2, taking refuge in the Lord, and shows us how that works. Though the psalmist is surrounded (v6), he is confident. Psalm 4 is traditionally used in Evening Prayer as it references lying down and sleeping in peace (v8). That peace comes from God's blessing and the gift of joy that results. Vain words and lies (v2) tempt us every day, but true joy and advantage comes from putting our 'trust in the Lord' (v5). Psalm 5 is traditionally used in Morning Prayer given verse 3. It's a call at the beginning of the day to take refuge in the Lord, to praise him, to forego the shortcuts of sin, and to place our lives in God's hands. This is the way of blessing. 

2 Corinthians 1.18-22: Paul declares that Jesus is God's "yes" to all his promises. Jesus, God's Son (v19), is the embodiment of God's faithfulness to his word. In particular, in Jesus, God is bringing blessing to the nations through Israel as, long ago, he promised he would do through Abraham and his descendants (Genesis 12.1-3). That means as we approach the Old Testament, we are to look for ways that the story it tells is fulfilled in Jesus. In light of this fulfillment, Paul gives glory to God the Father (v20) for establishing us in Christ, for anointing us, and for sealing us with his Spirit. Note the Trinitarian framework in Paul's thinking!