Friday: Psalms 11-13 & Hebrews 1.1-2.4

From Chris Dodds

Psalm 11: Israel was under siege from within and David’s advisors, seeing no other option, have suggested he flee (v1b-3). Note David’s rebuke (v1a) as he points them to the Lord in His temple as the righteous King and Judge (v4a) who sees wickedness (4b-5a) and will judge it (v6). This is a call to faith and steadfastness when challenged, to remember that God is righteous and the upright will see his face (v7).

Psalm 12: As you read, note the comparisons between the words of humans and the words of God. Humankind in their arrogance have rejected the word of God (v1), they have exalted themselves (v4) and exalted worthless things (v8). Their impure words bring oppression and affliction, but in verses 5 and 6 the Lord speaks and in contrast, His words are pure. This word of the Lord is now echoed in the heart of the psalmist who offers his Amen – the Lord will guard and protect his people (v7).

Psalm 13: moves from a three-fold cry of lament (vv1-2), to raw, heartfelt prayer (v3), and finally ends in believing joy which anticipates the certainty of being answered (vv4-6). Picture in your mind three gradually lessening waves – the storm-tossed sea of the psalmist’s soul has become stilled. His foes desire his death (v4), but the psalmist will cling firm to the steadfast love of God who will deliver him (v5), the thought of which leads him to sing in praise (v6).

Hebrews 1:1-2:4: In the past God spoke in multiple ways (1:1), but now in these days he has spoken definitively in just one way, through his Son (1:2). Not only have we gone from multiple ways to one, but this one, Jesus, has power, excellence, and superiority. He is the exact imprint of God. The Heir. The greater. The superior one! (1:3-14) This is a superior way, and therefore we must pay even more attention to what we have heard so we won’t turn away (2:1).