Saturday: Psalms 14-16 and Revelation 4:1-11

From Chris Dodds

Psalm 14: It is not a lack of knowledge that makes a person a fool, but a failure to acknowledge God and obey him. This failure leads to misplaced priorities and behaviors, corruption and abominable deeds, but the Lord is a refuge for the poor and oppressed. He will restore all things.

 Psalm 15: The answers to the question in verse 1 are not prescriptions, but rather reflect what life is like when lived under God’s reign instead of under reliance upon self. The lives of the righteous will inevitably reflect God’s character and values and therefore look different than the fools’ of Psalm 14.

 Psalm 16: Just as Psalm 13 moves from lament to trust and praise (see yesterday’s notes), Psalm 16 shows more fully the life of trust and joy even in the midst of suffering.

Revelation 4:1-11: In the Spirit, John becomes a spectator to the heavenly court in the throne room of heaven. We get a sense of the majesty and presence of God. The whole room is filled with praise. The 24 elders, representing the people of the old and new covenant fall down and declare that God is worthy of worship because he is the one who created all things. He is the sovereign one worthy to receive all glory, honor and power.