Wednesday: Psalms 35-36 & 1 Peter 2.9-12

From Ryan Ruffing

Psalm 35:  The psalm is a lament and cry for help by one who is “poor” and oppressed by “those too strong for them.” (vs. 10)  The precise life situation out of which the lament grows is uncertain, but what is clear is that the psalmist trusts in the LORD for deliverance, and is already preparing to offer praise when the LORD brings justice.  As you read the psalm listen for resonance with the prayer Jesus taught us to pray – do you hear “Thy kingdom come,” and “deliver us from evil?”

Psalm 36: Note the contrast between “the wicked”, who have “no fear of God” (vs. 1), and the “upright of heart,” who rightly praise the steadfast love and goodness of the LORD.   The basis of their praise is evident – God’s gifts are in overabundance, and are compared to a great feast, and a flowing river (vs. 8).  Indeed all good things come from the LORD – “For with you is the fountain of life, in your light do we see light” (vs. 9). 

1 Peter 2.9-12: Exodus 19:6, which we read yesterday, is here quoted by Peter and applied to the disciples of Christ in exile in various locations in Asia Minor.  It is no small statement that the mantle, which Israel once wore, now belongs to the followers of Jesus – they are “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation” (v. 9).  And, like Israel, who as we saw in Deuteronomy 4 are called to live holy lives that reflect the LORD to the surrounding nations, so Christ’s church is called to live in holiness before outsiders so that “they may see your good deeds and glorify God” (vs. 12).