Wednesday: Psalm 70; Numbers 15.37-41; Hebrews 6.1-8

From: Sydney McNaughton

The Israelites were commanded to put a blue cord on the fringes of their garments so that, each time they saw it, they would remember and do the commandments of the Lord.

They would remember.
They would do.
They would be obedient. 

Obedience is a hard one for me to grapple with on the day to day. It seems too tight, too constricting, an unwelcome presence in a world where “choice” and “freedom” are tossed about, well, really freely.

I think each time I am in a place of disobedience, there is a displaced “why” in my life. Why did I do that one disobedient thing?

Because I praised something else; rather than praising God.
Because I feared something else; rather than fearing God.
Because I remembered something else; rather than remembering God.

Today, I pray that we would remember our the “why" behind our words and actions; and that we would do and be obedient. I also pray that, as the author of Hebrews says, we would move towards perfection and maturity, and produce something greater than thorns and thistles.

I live in Dorchester with some rad housemates (come visit us!) and somehow made it to my final year of grad school. I just ran my first half marathon and believe this new running habit is a great excuse to enjoy more apple cider doughnuts.