Friday: Psalm 58-59; Numbers 14.20-38; Hebrews 4.1-10

From: Leah Knowles

Psalm 58 is brutal. It acknowledges the violent reality of sin on the earth and that it begins at birth. It goes on to outline the unique punishment of the wicked and the subsequent victory of the righteous, who "shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked." 

When I read Psalms like this one, I always feel an uncomfortable tension between identifying with the righteous or with the wicked. In a world with increasingly gray areas, it feels strange to place oneself in either the saint or the sinner category. And truly Christians are both--born with a nature that "goes astray as soon as they are born", but professing a faith and dependence on the one who can overcome that very nature. I pray that we as a family in Christ will bring the peace of God to this violent, evil world. Even as we struggle against the sin in our own hearts, I pray that we would work against the evil that destroys the world God loves.

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