Saturday: Psalm 60-61; Numbers 14.39-45; Hebrews 4.11-13

From: Bobby Riegel

“Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless.” Psalm 60.11

The people of Israel were on a relational rollercoaster ride with God. At one moment, they would be singing his praises, and destroying armies that should have wiped them out. Then, despite being led by the beautiful representation of God being with them, a pillar of cloud by day, and of fire by night, they would turn away and sin.
When I read about God’s people, it’s easy for me to become frustrated, because I feel like after leaving Egypt they had it “made in the shade” (or as much shade as can be found in the desert). God was with them, and bringing them towards the land of milk and honey. However, when contemplating what the hypothetical “Book of Bobby” would read like in terms of the cycle of sin, repentance, and reconciliation, I feel like there would be a lot of similarities. 

The reoccurring sin that is pervasive throughout the Israelites journey to the promise land, and still today in every individual, brings us further down a slippery slope away from the one who can truly reconcile that sin, and free us from the associated guilt. That sin and guilt, at least in my life, leaves me longing for reconciliation and oneness with God. 

Fortunately for the Israelites, they had great men of God who felt and saw real examples of that separation from God. These men interceded on Israel’s behalf for reconciliation with the Most High.

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