Thursday: Psalm 120-122; Numbers 33.1-37; Hebrews 13.7-16

From: Gordon Curry

After reading the scriptures for the day, I was really moved to pray.

Lord, we thank you that we can lift up our eyes and  know that our help comes from you. Someone today needs to know and be reminded that you are their help. We are so glad and thankful that you are our help and you send us help as we call upon you. Even when we can't sense you and our hearts and minds are burdened, you are our very present help. We can always look to you and count on you, for you are dependable and you are strong. Father, in our various victories, trials, joys, and temptations, you keep us and we are so glad that you are awake to all that concerns us. We are so glad that when we feel forgotten, you notice us. You see us. You cover us and protect us even when evil is all around us. You are strong enough to preserve us from the evil of this world and the evil within our own hearts. Lord, we receive the help you have to offer. We thank you for preserving us, keeping us, and helping us to the very end. It's in your name we pray.

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