Monday: Psalm 129-130; Numbers 35.1-8; Ephesians 1.1-14

From: Kara Dodds

It has become my habit to do morning prayer and read the daily scripture reflection during the morning commute on the T to work.  Much like Psalm 130, I often feel I am calling out to God “from the depths” while traversing the city through the underground of the orange and red lines, yet I confess that often I lack the patience that goes hand-in-hand with the waiting that the psalmist expresses.
I do not know from what depths you may find yourself calling out to the Lord this morning, but be encouraged knowing that we worship the living God, the risen Savior, who truly hears and responds to our cries. To this we can each give abundant testimony. Like the psalmist, may you find strong reason to wait on and hope in the Lord, acknowledging that with him alone is steadfast love and plentiful redemption.
It would be easy to stop at the encouragement to wait on the Lord as we call out to him this morning, but upon a second reading of the text, the Spirit probes me to consider verse 4—to what extent has the experience of forgiveness caused me to grow in the fear the Lord? I’ll leave you with the same question. To what extent does your experience of forgiveness cause you to grow in the fear of the Lord?
Bonus: The song “From the Depths of Woe”, which we sing periodically at CotC, is inspired by Psalm 130. Click the link for a listen.
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