Tuesday: Psalm 131-132; Numbers 35.9-34; Ephesians 1.15-23

From: Andrew Huss

We speak of justice often. We ask God for it. We seek it. But maybe we shouldn’t be so eager for God’s justice. After all, what if it’s a little too blind for our taste? I often desire justice when I see the sin in others, but rarely when noticing my own rebellion. As clearly articulated through Moses in Numbers 35, the Almighty’s justice is harsh and uncompromising. It demands blood for blood. When I begin to grasp the depths of my sin, I realize that holy justice is a burden I could never bear. What I desperately need is mercy. Indeed, anything but justice.

God’s immense power, which he could justly use to crush us, instead raises us from death to a living hope in Christ Jesus. And just as Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus, our discipleship is just beginning. Let us not cease giving thanks, praying for humble hearts and increasing knowledge of the eternal hope that is ours. Jesus Christ has borne God’s judgment on our behalf. Praise be to God.

I live in Somerville with four housemates. One is not a Christian. Let’s call him Batman. Please pray for Batman.