Friday: Psalm 137-138; Micah 2.6-13; Ephesians 3.1-6

From: Jonathan Baker

For those of you hoping I would expound upon the passage in Micah, I want to apologize in advance; I do not know what is going on there either. Rather, I thought I would share with you a recently recurring theme for me that the passage in Ephesians again brought to mind. That theme is thankfulness. God was under no obligation to graft us into his promise of salvation, and yet he did; as Paul says, we are now "fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel". Wow...

I am not, by nature, a thankful person, and yet the more I consider thankfulness, the more I am convinced that assuming a posture of gratitude towards God is the key to avoiding the failure that plagued the Israelites in the wilderness and that tempts us in our own wastelands. Of course, I find the concept of thankfulness substantially easier than the practice. But I would encourage all of us (starting with me), to take time each day to reflect on God's goodness in our lives. And if you see me in church, ask me if I am taking my own advice! I would be most grateful :)

Originally from North Carolina and Ohio, I have lived in Boston since 2009. I am currently in my last year in a PhD program in Public Policy at Harvard, and am interested primarily in water resource allocation and water quality. I also run quite a bit.