Tuesday: Psalm 143-144; Micah 5.1-6; Ephesians 4.17-32

From: Anna Harris

If I were to examine Psalm 143 as a model prayer of a suffering human to a good God, I would break it down like this: 

Vs 1 & 2: Listen to me because you are good, not because I am good!

Vs 3 & 4: I am tortured down here, and I often feel more dead than alive, thanks to the bad guy(s)! 

Vs 5 & 6: I remember better times, and my heart longs for those times again—when I could almost touch you. 

Vs 7 & 8: So look at me, answer me, and open my ears and mind to your love, your kindness, your path for me. 

Vs 9 & 10: Be my Deliverer, my Shelter, my Teacher, my Leader...because I belong to you and you are good! 

Vs 11 & 12: Breathe life back into me and get me out of this mess! Shove back those who damage the core of my being, because I am your servant, your very own child.

The humility, the raw honesty, the choice to trust, to remember better times, to seek God's goodness and mercy...I do not easily feel or express these ideas when I am in pain. And the open posture of this prayer—surely that is what feels impossibly scary to me in my darkest moments. So maybe I will borrow the words of this psalmist the next time I pray from the pit of deep suffering. Lord knows I could use a few prompts!

I live in the Dorchester hood with three wonderful housemates and a bunny, Nadia. (I paid $75 for her, but she just cost me $80 by chewing up my precious laptop charger cord. Parenting is for reals.) I divide my time between caring for dying people (hospice social worker) and caring for toddler people (nanny), and I love both jobs!