Friday: Psalm 89; Isaiah 40.1-11; Matthew 1.18-25

From: Daniel Davis

In Matthew 1.18-25 the people of Israel finally experience the anticipated intervention of God. As we know from Jesus' life, many people were greatly let down by the kind of King he showed himself to be. Most expected the Christ to come in a full display of nationalist royalty and prestige, arriving on a horse and conquering through a regimented army to restore Israel to its former glory! Instead, the Messiah comes in a time of exile to be born as a refugee in a manager, entering cities on a donkey, welcoming the filthy Gentile into his ranks and engaging the humanity of his enemy for redemption.

During the anticipation of advent we must be mindful of our expectations. The way we desire to see God to come is often to conquer for our version of justice. The way Mary and the shepherds anticipate is through celebrating the method God has chosen to come. Their expectations are not let down, but seem to pale in comparison of the new kingdom of Immanuel.

What expectations, spoken and assumed, do we have for God to come in our present circumstances? 

We need you to come, Christ Jesus, so we wait. Be mindful of our weakness and tendency to manipulate you through our unspoken expectations. May we receive the fullness of your kingdom of light that is here, and not yet.

Daniel is a husband and novice tobacco pipe maker in Phoenix, AZ, now working at the Salvation Army. He enjoys coffee, beer and talking about himself in the third person.