Saturday: Psalm 5 & Luke 2:39-52

From Daniel Davis

Initially I wondered what in Luke 2 could possibly be relevant to Lent. What of these Christmas passages about God becoming human could speak to my own... humanity? Oh. God has become ashes. The Eternal into the temporary. The Unchanging into the dynamic. Himself to truly partake.

When we go through temptation, pain, death, etc, we are often advised of how Jesus was, "in every respect tempted as we are." (Heb. 4:15). Yet in our naked selves we question that truth. Did he deeply experience my pain? The specific questions I have? He didn't have my family/job/hardship!

This doubt-filled response should be embraced, not dismissed. The beginning of the answer is laid out here as the adolescent boy (all we know of His "formative" years) is found after three days sitting among the rabbis. The teenager interacts with Scripture (and the Divine) in a traditional Jewish manner, "listening to (the teachers) and asking them questions."

In this season of perspective and reflection upon our individual and communal humanity, we find God teaching us how to begin this conversation. We too must have a push and pull relationship with Scripture (and the Divine), one of wrestling and often being humbled. As God breathes into us a dynamic faith, full of doubts and frustrations, we find the Answer comes, Himself beginning with listening and even... questions.

I am a husband who is less novice at making tobacco pipes than I was a year ago.