Tuesday: Psalm 9-10 & Luke 4:1-13

From Dano Qualls

"I dare to believe that the luckless
will get lucky in you.
You won't let them down:
orphans won't be orphans forever. 

The victim's faint pulse picks up;
the hearts of the hopeless pump red blood
as you put your ear to their lips.
Orphans get parents,
the homeless get homes.
The reign of terror is over,
the rule of the gang lords is ended."
-Psalm 10:14,17-18 (The Message)

I like this translation of this psalm. It's hopeful and happy. We all like stories of the downtrodden being made right. I like that.

The one thing in this excerpt that gives me pause is "I dare to believe." I like thinking about orphans getting parents, but will I dare to believe that orphans will get parents? I like hearing stories of the homeless getting homes, but will I dare to believe that God and his people will work to make it happen? 

“Dare” is the right word to describe the act of believing. It’s risky. What you dare to believe and hope for may not come true.

It's easier to confess my lack of daring to believe than it is to state here what I dare to believe. That may be why one of my all-time favorite verses (and its inclusion in the Bible is one of the reasons I believe Christianity to be true) is Mark 9:24: "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!" 

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