Monday: Psalm 19-20 & Luke 8:1-25

From AaronRoss

Within the passages of Psalms 19, 20, and Luke 8:1-25 there is much to be said, yet inside these chapters I specifically love the image of Love. Many times as American believers we believe that we must use our gifts in order to bring glory to God; in order to bring anything to this table of Christ we have to bring our good deeds, our tithe check, or perhaps the hours we spend serving through Sunday services. Although these are practical and valuable, none of these things are what God truly desires of us. 

During our deep faith week here at Gordon College, Skye Jethani addressed this same issue and gave an excellent answer to what we can contribute. And it’s simply ourselves. As Christians, our greatest duty is to first understand the Love that God has for us. We cannot simply do deeds for the church, or help the poor if the heart is not directed to the Cross. We love from an overflow not a deficient.

Scripture is pretty clear about this. We have to find our identity in him. We must believe His plans for us are for His glory, which brings everlasting joy. The boundaries He has in our lives will not stifle us but cause us to soar (Psalm 19:7). God quite literally wants to throw His children a party (Psalm 20:4-5). Yet there are highs and lows in a walk with Christ. Some days the love of Christ seems too tangible, yet other times He’s seemingly far from us. The waves of work, school, and relationships come crashing; we’re yelling, and shaking in our boots, saying, “Lord! Where are you?” Yet just like in Luke 8:25, He says to us loud and clear, “Where is your faith?”

So brothers and sisters, will we continue to believe we can bring any form of good works to the table? That in this Lenten season it’s all about the giving up and not really the clearing of the heart? I challenge you to believe in the Love that Christ has for you, let it shape you and fill your hearts with great expectancy of joy and peace. Christ before us, and Christ behind us.


I’m originally from Washington DC. I’m currently a junior at Gordon College studying for my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Theology. I like long walks on the beach, and Thai food.