Saturday: Psalm 143 & Luke 21:25-38

From Andrew Cho

"For it will come to all who dwell on the face of the whole earth" 

Lately I have been trying to remove my protective label as a Christian. Some mornings when I come before the Lord I hesitate, shifting uncomfortably in my seat, knowing that he sees the ugliness behind even my mildest offenses. 

The precious times that I have been able to bare my soul to another, and be received without judgment have been sublime moments. I think that those are the moments that we catch sight of the reality of Jesus's intercession for us on our behalf. Jesus knew the weight of his message, and how fearful seeing our true selves would make us feel. That is why I find it so encouraging that Jesus has throughout his life and by his sacrifice, interceded for our hurts. His presence is always attended with intercession- and so should our presence be as well.


I am a student at Boston University studying American Studies. I peaked in high school which is probably why I like youth ministry so much.