Monday: Psalm 36 & Mark 14-15

From Emily Hood

"My soul is very sorrowful"

Our human lives are oftentimes brimming with deep grief and sorrow.  The full weight of sin presses into our lives and burrows a hole there, making itself comfortable.  Guilt over past mistakes or unkind words sits in our stomachs making us uneasy, afraid to reach out to others.  Someone we love is adrift in the storm of addiction.  Souls, which were created for eternity, travel around in bodies that can be bruised and broken by disease, hunger, or violence.  Jesus experiences the full range of human emotion and the full misery of human physical pain.

"Remove this cup from me."

Jesus asks, as no doubt many of us have, for deliverance from these trials.  God, is there another way? Surely, you can be glorified by some other means!  Why injustice, God?  Why cancer? Why orphans and starvation?  Why your perfectly holy son on a cross?

"Yet not what I will, but what you will."

Jesus has faith.  He has faith in his loving, eternal, creator Father.  He follows, obeys, and dies.  Men and women are made followers.  They lay their lives down for others in love, out of faith.  Sinners are reborn, made holy, made children and heirs of a holy God.  Because His sufferings have purpose, ours do as well. Because He was raised from the dead, we will be as well. Nothing is wasted in God's economy. Praise be to the Lord! 


I am a novice Bostonian and fully acknowledge that I have had an easy go of winter this year. I am married with four kids.