Wednesday: Psalm 105 & Luke 24:13-35

From Jared Kitchen

The first two verses of Psalm 105 tell the reader to “make known among the nations what he has done” and “tell of all his wonderful acts”. Then the Psalmist goes on to do just that. He tells a brief history of the amazing covenant that God has with his people. God’s grace and mercy can be read throughout the whole Psalm. God does not forget about his promises, and there is so much comfort and hope in that. We don’t need to worry that his covenant will end. The same covenant that has lasted “for a thousand generations”. I can’t trace my family tree that far back, but thankfully that doesn’t matter: the promise God made with his people will continue to be passed on.

While reading further in Psalm 105, I was struck by verse 41: “He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it flowed through the desert like a river.” During Easter we celebrate the rock being rolled away, and salvation being poured out. It can be easy to think of ourselves wandering through the desert, but how often do we remember and give thanks for the river that gushes out from the rock. God remembered “his holy promise” and “brought his people out with joy”. How awesome is that? God is taking joy in our salvation.