Thursday: Psalm 114 & Luke 24.36-49

From Mark Booker

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

I hope and pray that the joy of this event is permeating your hearts, your minds, and your lives this week as you feast and celebrate. Jesus is risen and the new creation has begun and whatever you are facing in the present - however good it is or however hard it is - there is a future, a forever-future (try to get your mind around that), that far outlasts the present burdens and that far exceeds the present joys. That is something to celebrate!

But how do we know it's real? That's the point of our story from Luke's Gospel today, as we looked at on Easter Sunday: ghosts don't eat fish. Jesus is not a ghost (or a spirit) but he has a new body. He has "flesh and bones." This new body was both continuous with (he showed them his hands and feet presumably to let them see his scars) and discontinuous with (he wasn't immediately recognized here or by the disciples, he vanished in 24.31, he just stood among them in 24.36 presumably passing through a locked door as John 20.36 relates) his pre-resurrection body. But the all important point Luke is making is that Jesus is embodied. 

His resurrection body is 'exhibit A' in God's new creation. In the world of sin and death, all the stuff of creation deteriorates and declines: bodies grow old and die, houses get old and fall apart, cars age and end up in the junkyard. But, by God's power (the creator God who can do what he wants with matter - that's the point of Ps 114 as the sea and mountains tremble before him), Jesus' body is resurrected incorruptible, immortal, indestructible. Jesus is the "beginning, the firstborn from the dead" (Colossians 1.19); he is "the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep" (1 Corinthians 15.20). And the rest will follow. His resurrection exhibits a new kind of creation that will never deteriorate or decline which is the future for God's world and for those of us united with Jesus by faith. That is the Christian hope that changes everything. And this is something you can bet your life on.

The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!