Sunday: Psalm 38 & Luke 14:1-24

From Kara Mannix

Luke 14:1–6: Healing of a Man on the Sabbath

I like reading stories where Jesus interacts with the Pharisees.  They are usually presented as arrogant and legalistic, which makes it so enjoyable when Jesus rebukes them and puts them in their place. If you like a good story like I do, the Pharisees are such easy targets as the bad guys. And there are just enough cultural and situational differences that I can often get away without completely identifying with them.

Yet, in this small passage in Luke, I was surprised by how much I identified with the Pharisees here. Jesus accepts an invitation to dine with them and “they were watching him carefully”; Jesus asks about healing on the Sabbath and “they remained silent”; Jesus asks them a difficult, personal question and “they could not reply to these things.” I often find myself waiting and watching for Jesus, curious to see what He may do and silent while I wait. Maybe the Pharisees were watching him carefully in order to trap him and maybe they were silent because he had indeed put them in their place. But I find there is not so great a jump from the skeptic’s “What will he do next?” to the awed “What will he do next?” And what Jesus does do next is to act with compassion, quick to heal and quick to save.

I pray that we may watch Him carefully this Lent, not with a skeptical heart but with an anticipation that He has come and will come again and that we are always on the receiving end of His compassion and salvific tendencies.  


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