Sunday: Psalm 150 & 1 Corinthians 15:1-5, 12-19

From Andrew Truschel

During my second to last semester of college, my faith nearly crumbled. Noticing what I thought to be an inconsistency between one of the Gospel accounts and another, I slowly began to question everything that I had always believed to be true; three months later, I wondered if God even existed and if the Bible could be trusted at all. 

In the midst of severe depression and hopelessness, Paul’s account of the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15 was one of the few passages that I couldn’t quite let go of. The abundance of eye witnesses, the logic in Paul's argument, and the historical event of the bodily resurrection were enough to convince me - slowly, over months and years - that the Christian faith could not be easily explained away.  

Paul’s insistence on the historical reality of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection - all in accordance with the Scriptures - was an unwavering challenge to those who mocked the small faith community that sprang up around Jesus in the first century. Hand in hand with Paul's challenge, however, was an invitation. An invitation to examine the facts, to read the Scriptures, to come and see if Jesus of Nazareth was in fact still dead in a tomb. As Paul points out, if Christ was not raised, Christians have hoped in vain and ‘are of all people most to be pitied’ (v. 19). 

Thank the Lord for verse 20! (I know it wasn’t part of today’s reading, but verse 19 is a cliff hanger begging for resolution!) Christ has been raised from the dead and our faith is not in vain! Through the resurrection of Christ, we have a real hope to anchor our souls and can be assured that we also will be raised with him. In the resurrection, we see the mightiest of God’s deeds and 'praise him according to his excellent greatness’ (Ps. 150:2). Let us join with all of creation and praise God with everything that we have because of His goodness to us in Christ! 

I live in Dorchester, work at Harvard, and am responsible for that mediocre banjo strumming you hear at CotC from time to time.