Friday: Psalm 127-128 & Revelation 1:9-20

From Mary Moore Rabb

I'm so grateful that the 'Resurrection Matters', namely because the resurrection hasn't ever really mattered to me before this year. The Lord has spoken through so many passages that I've overlooked time after time, year after year. I grew up associating the resurrection with Thomas, who doubted, and failed to see the stories of all those others who believed. 

Here are a few of the amazing parts of God's post-resurrection story that I had missed before this year:

-John's account of the restorative breakfast between Jesus and Peter (John 21) arrested my heart.  How unfathomable is his love for us, and his forgiveness. 

-I had rejoiced in the miracle of Christ's resurrection, but failed to realize that this act was also proof that we will one day live in resurrection bodies--that dead bodies can rise.

-I hadn't ever comprehended that we could start to live in light of our future resurrection bodies today. It gave a whole new meaning to Romans 8:24-25 ("Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope in what we do not see, we wait for it with patience").

There is so much hope in a Resurrection Matters lifestyle: hope that we will rise, like our Father, and be with him forever. Hope that he will wipe away every tear. Hope that we can live as though that's already happened.

The book of Revelation hasn't mattered to me either, but it does now, since the Resurrection matters. In today's reading, John's vision of the Son of Man provides even more comfort in light of the resurrection. His resurrection is not a thing of the past, but Jesus Christ actively rules and reigns in splendor among golden lampstands and we need not be afraid.

I am so thankful that the resurrection matters, that we will one day live with him, and that he is and will be glorified forever. 

I am wife to McLean, art-teacher-by-day and artist-by-night. I love happy clothes and sad movies and I would live life on roller blades if that were possible.