Sunday: Psalm 132-134 & Acts 17:16-34

From Peter Jenkins

Psalms 133 starts by saying “how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.” David is referring to the nation of Israel gathering for Feasts, but when I first read this I immediately thought about my four brothers. I also have three sisters and now six more brothers and sisters in law. Add in six (soon to be seven!) grandchildren and family gatherings become a major ordeal.

Like most, probably all, families we have had trying times. We also have wonderful weekend BBQ’s where we play volleyball, Settlers of Catan and occasionally laugh at my mom unsuccessfully using Siri to figure out the weather forecast. These weekends are some of my most pleasant and purely joyful memories.

It is Mother’s Day, but I would have to mention my mother when talking about the unity of my family. Unity results from characteristics such as unconditional love, a faithful life of prayer, a forgiving personality and a desire for peace. My mother possesses all of these traits and I am amazed by the way she sacrifices and spends so much energy to help maintain unity.

I am so thankful for my mom and the way that she has laid the foundation for unity in my family. I hope these scriptures or this reflection will spark some aspect of your mom that you are thankful for and could call and tell her today.