Monday: Psalm 135 & Acts 3:11-26

From Nick Sarantopoulos

"Your name, Lord, endures forever"
Psalm 135:13

"It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through Him that has completely healed him, as you can all see".  Acts 3:16

Note: Sometimes translations can convey a slightly different meaning. The original Greek text says that it is the name of Jesus that healed the disabled man, while faith in Jesus gave him his "wholeness" (ολοκληρία). 

So we have two elements here, the name (of Jesus) and the faith (in Jesus) that are manifested in this healing miracle, which all witnessed. 

The name of Jesus:
I struggled with this concept and tried hard to understand why and how the name of Jesus can heal a severely disabled man. Is it pronouncing the name "Jesus" that heals? Is it some power in the syllables? 
I had to research and to read more to realize what "name" may actually mean. 

In the Old Testament, the name of God is equivalent to the manifestation of God. Without His manifestation, would God need to have a name?
Considering that, the power of the name of Jesus lies in the manifestation of the whole Christ, his God nature, his Man nature, his works, his teachings, his incarnation, death, resurrection, his ascension, his presence to the right of the Father, his return. This why His name endures forever.
I should meditate more on the name of Jesus. My mind alone cannot understand the divine power of His name.

Faith in Jesus:
Peter's faith did not give the disabled man his wholeness, but Peter's faith received the healing and renewing power of Jesus, and Peter was the medium by which the healing and renewing power of Jesus was given to this sick man. Peter received it through his faith. The disabled man received it through his own faith. 
Faith is a divine essence by which the gifts of God are received and shared. Faith is how we are knit to Jesus and how we become "whole". 

Have a great week, all.