Thursday: Psalm 27-28; Numbers 6.22-27; 1 John 3.11-24

From: Brian Patton

Today’s passage in Numbers, the Aaronic blessing, has a special place in our house. We speak it over the children each night before bedtime. This is sort of a family heritage for Jessica, handed down from her grandparents ‘til now. It’s simple and to-the-point: protection, grace, and peace. You see here an instance of God’s consistency in honoring requests made in his name, aligned with others like Solomon’s blessing at the temple (if my people, called by my name, humble themselves and seek my face… for his name’s sake), or instances when God relented from justice with the wandering tribes justice in the desert (“withheld my hand … for the sake of my name”). These are no “God in my pocket promises”, allowing me to point the will of God wherever I wish -- but requests made in line with his will, in his name will be honored.

This name is echoed in 1 John 3.23, where it is the name of Jesus in which we are to anchor our faith. The name of love - brotherly, unconditional, passionate, and pursuing, even unto death - and that a cruel one on a cross. The name above all names, the only one we seek and with whom we long to spend our days (Psalm 27). This is the name whose praise should ever be on our lips. How can I glorify him in my life today? Keep his commands; wait on him; cry out to him.

Brian is a software engineer with an interest in machine learning living in Waltham with skillful, beautiful wife Jessica, clever daughter Ayelet, talkative son Oliver, and bump #3.