Friday: Psalm 29-30; Numbers 7.1-11, 84-89; 1 John 4.1-6

From: Jason Hood

In our reading today from Numbers 7, it appears as though we skipped over the good stuff. Sure, it's important to know the final tally (vs. 84-89) and the basic procedure (vs. 1-11). But note that in between these two paragraphs every gift is carefully recorded and properly sourced. Our accounting friends will note that this is a fiscally responsible assessment that features responsible reporting. But even more striking is that these folks have the privilege of having their offerings recorded in Scripture. Forever.
I believe it's good for us to avoid too much praise for our gifts. We don't need phone calls from Mark thanking us profusely each month, or plaques and bricks with our name engraved on them (although "The Jason & Emily Hood Memorial Super-sized Animal Cookie Jar for Preschool Sunday School" does have a nice ring to it). Jesus knows our penchant for pride and the tendency to give gifts that are really about our glory. And as with Numbers 7, our gifts often only “make a difference” as they are collected with those of others as part of a corporate offering.
But in this passage we see a reminder that the God of all creation (Psalm 29) knows what we do with the portion of creation under our stewardship. Even the quietest gifts will not fall to the ground forgotten, for these gifts are numbered, counted, and remembered by the only One who matters.

Jason and Emily live in Roslindale with their four children. Jason teaches New Testament and coordinates a ThM in Practical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's urban campus in Roxbury.