Sunday: Psalm 33-34; Numbers 9.1-14; 1 John 4.13-21

From: Hannah Alexander

”A horse is a vain hope for deliverance..."

I always think I can save myself. Ours is a culture of self-affirming, self-helping, only you are responsible for your own happiness sort of self-deceiving mantras that have us constantly believing that we are only one good motivational pep talk away from becoming our best selves. I think that I deserve to be happy, comfortable, free. Why? How could I forget what I've been saved from? How could I forget that I had nothing to do with it?

The Israelites were commanded to celebrate Passover so that they would always remember their salvation from God's judgment. They need this reminder, as they so often seem to forget their former enslavement and just who it was who had set them free. They feel entitled to the Promised Land, thinking they can somehow get there on their own if they try hard enough. They try and they fail. God saves them again and again. And again and again, they forget. In the Psalm, David is always turning his praises back to God, acknowledging his inability to save himself, continually thanking God for his deliverance. But I'm more like the forgetful Israelites. I desperately need to be reminded. We come to the Lord's Supper once a week to be reminded, to celebrate the fulfillment of Christ as the Passover sacrifice. And once a year we celebrate Good Friday to remember whose blood it is that covers us and causes God's judgment to pass over us. So that we might remember who it is that truly makes us our best selves, blameless and clean in the sight of God.

I am a professional baker living in Brighton with my husband, Drew, 7 overflowing bookshelves and 13 struggling house plants.