Sunday: Psalm 64-65; Isaiah 35; Matthew 9.1-17

From: Sarah Haig

Turns out that God’s joyous restoration doesn’t come on my terms.

Isaiah 35 is an oasis—the chapter where everything is glorious and beautiful, where
“The ransomed of the Lord…will find gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”

But Matthew 9 reminds me of the parts of Jesus’ victory and restoration that require my repentance. Yes, the wilderness and desert will be glad and sprout crocuses. But sometimes I try so hard to plant gardens in the wasteland on my own power. I get irritated with Jesus who befriends the tax collectors…those that don’t try so hard to do things right.

The Lord unleashes healing in this oasis passage—opening eyes, unstopping ears, restoring legs—but actually my pharisaical heart may not always like His unconditional healing of body and sins, especially when it disrupts my sense of How Things Ought To Be.

Yesterday, Jared diagnosed our condition:

Jesus speaks one word;
“Go!” . . .The demons all submit.
We tell Him to leave. 

But actually, deep down, I don’t want to tell Jesus what to do. I want to walk on that Highway of Holiness, the road He builds on His terms and that puts “everlasting joy upon [my] head.”

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