Sunday: Psalm 78; Isaiah 40.12-41.7; Matthew 12.33-50

From: Dano Qualls

“When the unclean spirit has gone out... it wanders... looking for a resting place... Then it says, "I will return to my house"... and brings along seven other spirits more evil than itself... and they enter and live there."

This passage has always confused me. When reading through the Bible, I generally read it, have no idea what's happening, and move on. Since I had the good luck of being assigned to blog about it, I searched through some commentaries to try to make sense of it. One explanation that is simple enough to repeat on this blog is that this is about the reality of spiritual warfare and counterattacks. 

Think of it like a football or basketball game. One team may have a big lead going into the fourth quarter, but that doesn't mean they can stop trying. The other team is fiercely trying to come back and win the game, and we see this happen sometimes. The losing team can march ahead and steamroll the opponent in the fourth quarter for the win. This analogy falls apart on many levels when you apply it to the Christian life, but this analogy serves as a reminder that we have real spiritual enemies who are seeking fiercely to destroy us, and they will never stop attacking. So be vigilant. Keep watch.

If you know what this passage is really about, please do let me know. I think my comment is a bit forced.

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