Thursday: Psalms 81-82; Ecclesiastes 5.8-20; Romans 7.1-25

From: Kelly Madden

She was a pastor's daughter, pretty and kind, but not too bright. Her father had made some significant sacrifices to move her and her brothers into a better school than the one in their neighborhood.

Yet somehow, from day one, she hooked up with the biggest loser in our school. A jerk, lazy, and a loner. And he treated her like dirt. Publicly humiliated her, all the time.

The more he abused her, seemed like, the more attached she was.


Especially when there were great guys who would treat her right. Like a princess. The best. Lots of guys, you know? I mean, probably lots of guys.


Meditating on Psalm 81, I now see: So often, we are that girl. I am that girl.

Loving Father, give us eyes to see that you want only to cherish and bless us. Show us how much we lose by looking anywhere else. Give us grace to want better, and to take the risk of dropping our false securities, for all that you offer. Through him who gave all for us. Amen.