Advent Reflection | Tuesday: Psalms 28-30; Jeremiah 6.16-30; Ephesians 2.1-22

From: Phil Kim

In this section of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, we read something marvelous. Instead of ongoing hostilities, we enjoy peace. Walls separating us from God no longer exist. No longer outsiders and aliens, we enjoy full citizenship as members of the household of God. Paul is not envisioning something that may come to us in the distant future. Our reconciliation has already occurred through Christ – the one whose coming we long for during Advent. The one whose power and presence is described vividly in the Psalms, whose glory thunders, whose voice breaks the cedars and shakes the wilderness (Psalm 29).
While we live in a world of man-made divisions, hostilities, and separation, we can take comfort in this reconciliation hope from and through Christ our King. Buoyed by this hope, we should also be encouraged to seek out reconciliation with one another. In November, we were challenged by the sermons on Philemon to wade into the messiness of reconciliation across cultural, racial, ethnic, class, and other man-made dividing lines. May this Advent season allow us to understand more deeply why such reconciliation is needed, take steps to learn what this means for us personally, and enjoy how God has reconciled with us once and forevermore.
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