Advent Reflection | Sunday: Psalms 42-43; Jeremiah 10.1-25; Ephesians 5.1-21

From: Adam Elnagger

It's not hard to acknowledge that we have a problem with idolatry. We look at the way that we express our identities—how rarely we first identify as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven—and we find that we only begin to scratch the surface. We rarely grapple truly with the ways in which our culture has placed idols for us in our homes, in our pockets, on the side of the road, and even written on the skies. We are terrified that our neighbors will excoriate us for not having the latest gadgets, or the most prestigious academic degree. As the psalmist writes—people ask us "where is your God?", all while carrying their own small gods in their pockets. Paul writes to us that "Everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light". Let us shine a light on our idolatries, so that being visible we can see them for what they are. Let us remember who it is that we serve, the God who created the heavens and the earth, and who does not perish like our idols. Let us put our hope in God, and praise him yet. May we find ourselves filled with His spirit—truly citizens of His kingdom—ambassadors of Heaven in every way!

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